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I wanted to let you guys know that I’ve moved web address, and you can mow find me at www.thedogthatblogs.com  I hope you will come and visit me over there and subscribe to my shiny new blog to stay up to date.

I’ve even got a YouTube channel,  which means I can now pop videos of my reviews and adventures into some of my posts.


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Love of Love

Millie The French Bulldog (Aka The Dog That Blogs)




Millie’s Ammy’s Delight Taste Test

“Millie, you have post! Time to get your teeth stuck into some more treats, so you can write about them” – The Human


I was super excited to try Ammy’s treats.  I’ve been following them on twitter for a while, and as you know I’m a fan of treat that are made with natural ingredients.

Ammy’s Delight is a small business in the Netherlands which makes home made dog biscuits.


All of their biscuits are made using the best ingredients they can get. The free range eggs are from their own chicken!!! Free range chicken breast and no added artificial ingredients, sugar or salt. They use only 100% natural ingredients.

They have all kind of dog biscuits in lots of flavours and shapes.  For my review I tried the bacon & cheese bones (Two of my fave foods), the coconut & peanut butter bones, (I’ve never had coconut before but I knew I liked peanut butter) and tuna and tomato paste fish, (Tuna is another one of my top treats)



I’m a pretty fussy dog when it comes to food, the human said that a lot of dogs will eat anything?! Not me! Oh no, it’s got to be good and tasty (Not always good for me, I too love a bit of comfort food) But I can honestly say these went down a treat…. Get it?! Treat… Bahahaha

“Oh lordy Millie, a comidian you are not! I’ve got to agree, Millie liked these so much, that a short time after we finished out taste test, when she thought she knew where I’d put the rest of Ammy’s treats, we had this discussion. (Click here to see video) ” – The Human

As you can see by the video, I was a fan of these biscuits.  They arrived fast, and were fresh and tasty, I would recommend giving these a go.  I’ve also seen you can get birthday or gotcha bones AND they even do biscuits for Christmas, I think I’ll be adding those on to my letter to Santa.  Now to try to be good(ish)




Hope you enjoyed reading about Ammy’s Delight Biscuits, if you would like to following them on social media and see were you can get these tasty treats, follow the links below.







*Although we received this a free sample from Ammy’s Delight, all views are entirely my own (and Millie’s!)

@TheDogThatDog goes to Chedburgh fete

On Saturday I helped the Human out at Chedburgh village fete where she had stall for her website Spoilt Little Puppy.  My day started super early when the human rudely woke me up at 6am!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.31.18.png

We travelled down to Grandma’s, I went in my booster seat as co-pilot. (Though I’m now waiting for a booster seat upgrade as I can’t lie-down in my any more )


The Human went off to set up the stall while I stayed with Grandma and tried to get the cats to surrender to loving me!  (I’m still working on them)

I then headed over to inspect the stall, and I have to admit that the Human had done a pretty good job. As I’d been up so early I hadn’t had a chance to grab breakfast, luckily the Human had brought my GURU  field bone so I could have my breakfast on the go without having to carry my bowl and everything around.  It’s such a great idea, and to be honest I think she needs to get on it and order a stock pile so I’ll never be without!


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I started off behind the stall, taking in the view and watching the Humans & Hounds as they checked out all the good on offer.


When things started to get going, I went out the front of the stall to meet everyone and tell them about myself and help the Human out a little bit.  Plus it didn’t hurt that I got lots of cuddles!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.55.22

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Here’s a selection of photos of our stall.  What do you think?

I decided to enter a couple of classes in the show, I was up against all sorts of pooches, I was the only Frenchie.  My first show was for best bitch, I tried really hard, while the Human was busy fussing over all the other dogs….

I couldn’t help it Moo, they where so cute! – The Human

I think we where both super shocked when I came 1st!!!!  I’ve never won anything before, and I got a beautiful red rosette, and we got invited back to enter the Best In Show with all the other winners.

We didn’t hold out much hope, as there where so many beautiful dogs that entered, and we just had fun being there with them.  After all the dogs had done their walk the judge was deciding who the over all winner was, and she started walking toward me!!! Oh My Days! I only went and WON!!!! I couldn’t belive it, the Human and I was super chuffed!!!

As it was so hot I while I was happy, all the work that I put into looking cute, and the heat made me need to find the shade ASAP! So I took my rosettes and went and had a lay-down under the stall.

During the afternoon, I had fun showing off some of the products that the Human has on her site, and we met some wonderful Humans & Hounds that appreciated my adorable outfits.

After a long day it was all back to grandmas for a yummy chicken roast and a snooze.


All in all it was a wonderful day, and I feel very lucky to of been able to take part.

I hope you enjoyed the blog on my Fete trip.

Lots of love Millie (aka TheDogThatBlogs)




Millie’s Laughing Dog Food Taste Test

Well it’s been a busy week.  The Human got a new phone to take better photos and videos of me reviewing products and places.  However she’s not very tech savvy so we’ve had a few glitches, hence our blog delay! Honestly… Humans!

I was a super lucky pup recently and I received 3 different bags of Laughing Dog Food to try.


The Human said I could try one per meal over the weekend, but in return I had to do my research into how the food was made and the story behind the company.

First up I tried the grain free pack and I could’t wait to get stuck in!


What did I find out about the grain free option?  Well if there’s one this that isn’t missing about this food on the Laughing Dog Food website, it’s information.  There’s so much to learn about, which is great as the Human likes to know what I’m eating.

These dishes contain no added grains, which means they don’t contain any cereals like barley, wheat, maize, rice or oats. Some dogs like those humans of ours can have allergies to wheat gluten and other grains but these pups still deserve a yummy meal AT LEAST 2 times a day!

“Twice a day is plenty Millie!”  – The Human

But unlike some of those wheat free Human foods that my Human eats this food will be enjoyed by all dogs!

I really enjoyed this meal, and around lunch time (when I feel i should be fed again!…! ) I went back and licked my bowl completely clean!

Next up (and I wasn’t happy that I had to wait ALL DAY for my next meal…) was the wheat free pack.


Continuing with the wheat free theme (which isn’t hard as all the products are) they only have one meat protein source and are oven baked using barley, oats and vegetables from the farm, (the thought of a farm makes me want to go and play with chickens…).

As well as Lamb, Chicken and Salmon completes there are also 3 oven baked treats for tummies that are sensitive to wheat. As Laughing Dog Food don’t use wheat, rice or soya they show a hypoallergenic roundel on the front of all of their wheat free packs.

Last up, for dinner I tried out Wonderfully Wheat Free Dental Oaties, so my breath would be fresh for bedtime.


I really enjoyed these, and the Human even let me have a few extra as I sat by my bowl and cried for more.   Watch me munch on my meals by clicking here to watch my little video.  

The Human liked that these came in a velcro resalable bag to keep the freshness in. These have been created to help our dental hygiene, and I know a few dogs that could do with help in that area!


As I don’t eat meat, no let me rephrase that, the Human doesn’t feed me meat because she’s a meanie, but mate Gatsby tried out the Chicken Casserole.  I’m told this didn’t last very long, as he wolfed it down!

food wet.png

I really enjoyed trying out this food, and learning about this family run business born out of the love for dogs.

A little about the people behind the business

As a family they have farmed the land around the Laughing Dog bakery in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside for for three generations…

Originally, Fold Hill was a mixed farm with sheep and cattle grazing alongside fields of vegetables and cereals.

However, in 1979 farmer Ted OBE bought a small, second-hand oven started producing dog food on the farm premises. The wheat grown in the fields would be used in the biscuit and basic food mixers and the barns that once had stored the grain would become a factory.

food dry

When Farmer Ted stepped back towards retirement in 2000, the running of the business passed to the next generation, his sons James and Andrew and the grandchildren. Today they farm 3,000 acres, employ over 150 local people and specialise in growing baby vegetables, cereal and, of course, producing high quality dog and cat food. The old oven was replaced long ago with a high-performance bakery that produces 35,000 tonnes of quality pet food per year.


Their passion for the countryside and our love of pets is behind everything we do. They truly believe that Fold Hill is a very different pet food manufacturer, and I’ve got to agree! Bravo Farmer Ted, and his talent family, keep on cooking. xxx

(*Part of this information was found at www.foldhill.co.uk/the_story)


If you would like to read more about The Laughing dog company or view their product collections click here to go to their website.

To follow the Laughing Dog Food adventure, you can also find them on the following sites:


*Although we received this a free sample from Laughing Dog Food, all views are entirely my own (and Millie’s!)

Millie The French Bulldog in assosation with Spoilt Little Puppy


Millie’s GURU Taste Test


This week I’ve been a super lucky pup.  Guru sent me a sample of their Surf & Turf, AND a field bone! (I’m still to munch on that, and I will up date as soon at the Human lets me get my chops round it)

“Millie, you’ve eaten so many treats this bank holiday you are going to turn into a rolly polly! It’s not going to go off, you can have it when we go on our next day trip!” – The Human

We’ve been following GURU for a while now, and are really interested in what they do.  I can have a bit of a sensitive tummy, and I over the last 3 years I’ve tended to go off my food, forcing the humans to find different brands, usually that’s more expensive than the last…  (it’s ok.. I’m worth it )


The human likes to keep me as heathy as I can be,  and she’s always worried that I’m over weight, as I’m her first Frenchie and I only have a little nose extra weight can be super harmful for me.

She’s always looking for a heathy food, that is good for me, that is also affordable.

“Well, for a little dog you sure do seem to be able to spend a lot of money!” – The Human

Anyway…., when changing or trying out food we have to take things slowly in case my tummy doesn’t take to it.  I was pretty impressed with GURU though and was very unimpressed when she stopped giving me nibbles to take photos!!!


Human?! Why have you used this photo?? Where’s the one of me woofling???

“Sorry bear cub, this is you mid woofle, and just to funny not to add!” – The Human

Rude! Anyway, we did a bit of research on cold pressed food, as we didn’t really understand what the difference was between this and my normal biscuits. It seems to be quite new but, heather than kibble.  Apparently (according to google) it can also help dogs who suffer from bloat as it doesn’t swell in the stomach like kibble, it’s also as close to what my natural diet should be. (which apparently isn’t cheese… who knew?!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 23.04.01

(The insert above is from the GURU website)

On the GURU website you can put in your dogs weight and it will let you know how much you should be feeding your hound.

Pricing.  (I’m yet to do the maths… mainly because I’m a dog, and I don’t care much for maths.)

My humans currently spend £45 for 14kg of food, which for me lasts quite a long time. GURU pet food is £48 for 14kg, so only a couple pounds difference.  As GURU is compressed I actually need less food per day, and this is where the maths we haven’t done yet comes in.  However it works out that roughly every 5 days, I end up getting an extra day’s worth of food (does that make sense?..)

The human was very impresses with how much I enjoyed it, and after reading it may help with my windy issues, she was even more intrigued!  Warning this bits, not for while you’re eating… but after my second meal my stools are a lot firmer.  Once I’ve finished my current food, the human and the boy are going get a large bag to fully test this product.  We will update once we’ve been using the food for a few months to let you know how we get on.


Moving on to the field bone.  We’ve been seeing a lot of these on Instagram.  I didn’t realise they where made from the same thing as the food, this is genius!

You can get two small ones for £1.99 or a larger one for £2.50.  These can be given as treats or as a meal replacement.  It’s written on the label how many bones you need to feed your dog, if using as a meal replacement.  Shipping is £3.50 so to make it worth while it’s best to stock up.


This is great for a dog like me as I don’t always eat breakfast straight away, then if we are going on a day trip I get hungry and have nothing to eat. (Yes I can hear the mini violins…) this way the human can keep a couple in her handbag and then when we go out I’ll know I won’t have to starve, and I won’t be eating lots of treats instead of my proper meal.


“I tried to get a photo of Millie with her GURU food, but she started nibbling it before I could take the photo… I think I can safely say that GURU is a hit in this house ” – The Human


Thank you for reading.  We hope you enjoyed, please let us know if you have by leaving a comment.

Woofs & Kisses

Millie – The French bulldog & The Human


Want to see our video?  Click on this YouTube link: Millie Reviews GURU

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*Although we received this a free sample from GURU, all views are entirely my own (and Millie’s!)

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Millie’s Top Collar Taste Test

This week while scrolling through Facebook, the Human came across the company Top Collar.  She explained to me that Top Collar offer a subscription for treats to get delivered to your door every week/month, and well…. I’m in!



I had a nosey around the site, and found two types of boxes to choose from, the Nutrition Box  full of Health & Happiness inspired snacks which are lower in fat, and the Discovery Box, where you can tuck into all the recipes on their menu and have a new surprise in each box.

Having a look at their website there are loads of recipes to choose from, that all sound delicious!  I got to try the Full English, yum yum! The Human had a sniff and said she could smell the bacon!

She then made me take some photos with my new *treats, I just wanted them in my mouth!!!!

“Millie it took 2 minutes, and you spent most of the time trying to get your snout into the bag of treats!”  – The Human

To make things even better, your box is delivered with your face on it, so no other pup can claim it’s theirs and eat your goodies.


The Human likes the fact that when you can put the boxes on hold, so when you go on holiday you don’t need to worry that you’ll come back to a mountain of dog treats. (Not that I would complain about it.)

“I’m sure you wouldn’t… but it’s not happening” – The Human


There is a use by date on the back so you know when to scoff them by.


The idea behind these treat parcels are great, they work in the same way as Graze Boxes for human.  They are £5.99 per box, so to be able to get these each month, the Human said I would need to earn more pocket money.  However if you have a few dogs, you could get a bag to share, and know you are feeding them treats that haven’t had any extra sugars, fats, salts or preservatives added. My bag of treats will last the month, but as there are so many I will be sharing these with my doggy friends, so that I also have space for my dinner.

I really enjoyed trying these out, and I can confirm that these treats are very scrummy, and every now and again, I might treat myself to another box for special occasions. The Humans and I  have a difference of  opinion, and I could eat the whole bag in one sitting…. but the Human said that she may let me sign up if there was a smaller bag that we could take on walks and use in training.


We would love to know more about the people behind Top Collar. Big Shout to the Chefs! xxx

Find Top Collar online by following the links below:

Top Collar Website

Top Collar on Facebook

Top Collar on Instagram

Update:  I enjoyed my Top Collar treats so much I wanted to share the love with my friends to see if they loved them as much as I do!

First up, are these little cuties, Rupert and Minty.  I think it’s safe to say, this full english flavour was given a huge paws up! Thanks guys for trying them.🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


*Although we received this a free sample from Top Collar, all views are entirely my own (and Millie’s!)

Millie The French Bulldog is Sponsored by Spoilt Little Puppy




Millie’s WellyBix Taste Test

Welcome to my first blog, I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed testing my very first product!


Last week was one of the best.  My Human finally returned home after what seemed like a life time…

“…Millie it was 2 weeks! Stop being so over dramatic ” – The Human

And….. I had a box of goodies delivered ready for me to do a taste test.* Whoop!



Where to start…. It was very frustrating, as the human made me pose with with my new treats, rather than letting me snuffle them all!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASo, I had 3 flavours to try out. Beef with fresh parsley, chocolate with carob and oats, and lamb with fresh rosemary.  As they are made with human grade ingredients, I made the human have a little nibble too, (though in retrospect I’m not sure if that was a good idea as that means less for me).


On the back of each label is all the info the human said she needs to know what goodness each pack contains.  There is also the use by date so I won’t get poorly by eating old food. (Not that I’d let it be around long enough for it to get to this point…)  The human saw “They have NO artifical preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar or salt and are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory.” so added gold stars there.


The human said to mention that the way the bags are sealed is a smashing idea, and keeps my new treats fresher for longer.  (Though I care more about how to get them out than how to keep them in!)


The treats I tried are £3.25 per pack and they are posted second class at a cost of £3.49, so I think it’s best to buy a few packets as the delivery cost stays the same, meaning your practically saving money….. right… the best part is you have a choice of flavours to chose from.

…” from the amount Millie pestered me for more after trying these, and every time she has been allowed one since, I think these have been a huge success.  I have to hide them when she’s not looking now as she will sit and cry next to where she knows they are. ” We would recommend these treats to others who are looking for high quality delicious treats for their dogs.  – The Human

If you like our blog, and would like to see our testing, please check out our vlog on these products.  You can see how much Millie truly loves these treats.


Follow WellyBix at www.wellybix.co.uk/




*Although we received this a free sample from Top Collar, all views are entirely my own (and Millie’s!)

Millie The French Bulldog is Sponsored by Spoilt Little Puppy